Do you know her?

She is Camila a famous sing. In the past she would be singing in the streets to get some money to eat, but nowadays she does world tours twice a year.

When she was 16, she would be working in McDonald’s to try to get money to pay college. She would be all day long trying to get money to survive and get a better future.

When she was 18 she would be doing YouTube videos. And when she was 19 she got viral and a famous label contracted her. Now she is  a very important woman for the world of music and the inspiration of thousands of young people around the world


I Know Someone Interesting

I know someone interesting

This story is about Ana Segnini. She was born in a conservative family. She has one sister and one brother.

When she was a kid and a teenager she didn’t have many friends because she had to change to school almost every year, so she learn to be independent. Her dream was to be an architect.

Once someone offered her to have online clases in Oxford but she rejected  because she didn’t want to leave Venezuela. In 1994 she graduated from the university of Caracas as an architect. She was very talented and she was very talented, hard-working and was always admitted to jobs.

Once she was in an Internet cafe and online she meet Luis. They fell in loved and get married, she moved to Mexico because he lived there.

She got pregnant and in 2003 she had a beautiful boy named Marcel. One day they were traveling for her husband’s job, and she received the news that her father was going to die, so she took a plane and returned to Venezuela, but when she arrived, her father had already died.  This made her sad but not for long because two years later she got pregnant again and she had a girl named Fridha.

Everything was okay but something started to happened in her marriage, they no longer loved each other and they fought all the time, so they decided to separate and Ana got the custody of the children. She was very strong since she was alone in a country that she hardly knew and her entire family lived in Venezuela, in a place of socioeconomic conflict. All the time she fought for her children to have the best, she worked in many things.  Currently she and her family are happy and grateful for everything they have, she continues to do her best to make her family happy.

Her life seems very interesting to me, but above all I admire her.

Recommendations for the Coronavirus

Covid-19 is a topic that has been talked about a lot these days. In the internet there are many recommendations to prevent it, some are good, but some are ridiculous, so today I’m going to give you some recommendations I think might help you.

Coronavirus is a disease that is easy to transmit, so my first advice is not to panic. Yeah, I know that it’s a bit ridiculous, but panicking can make you more vulnerable.
My second tip is ALWAYS wash your hands and don’t wash them quickly, wash them well, it is better to take your time washing them and if you can’t wash them put on antibacterial gel.
This recommendation can help you a lot, on the street grab things or touch them with your non-dominant hand. If you do this at the time of scratching your eye or having your hands in contact with your face (it’s better not to touch your face), you will automatically do it with your dominant hand. And that will give you less chance of getting it.
Another tip is after washing your clothes, you should have it outside, so the sun can dry it, because the sun kills the bacteria.
Avoid greeting with a kiss, hand or hug since you could easily contract this desease
And last but not least, drink a lot of water, because the virus stays in the throat and with the water what you do is drag it to your stomach and the gastric juices destroy it.

And remember if you have any of these symptoms:
Sore throat
Shaking chills
Fever not very high
General discomfort
Abdominal pain
I recommend you calling a doctor so he can help you without having to leave your home.


Hello world!

Hi everyone!!!

Welcome to my blog, here I’m going to post random things. So check it, you might find something interesting for you 😉 and remember always  smile.